ManyChat and HighLevel, Together At Last!

Increase Leads And Sales by Sending Instagram,
Messenger & WhatsApp Leads Into HighLevel
In Just a Few Clicks With GHL Connect
Installs in Seconds
All your Messenger, Instagram & WhatsApp Leads in HighLevel in a few clicks!
Easy to Use
Simple Flowbuilder actions means less time coding bots, more time marketing!
Better Integration = Better ROI
Tracking all your leads, pipelines and conversions in HighLevel means happier clients!

Pricing For Any Sized Agency

Just starting out or servicing a lot of clients?
We’ve got the plan to fit your agency!

You’re Gonna Love GHL Connect, We Guarantee It!

We’re so confident you’ll love GHL Connect that we offer a 7 Day, No Questions Asked, Money Back Guarantee. If you’re not satisfied you can get a full refund within 7 days of your purchase.

ManyChat-To-HighLevel Made Easy With GHL Connect

If you use ManyChat for your Messenger Marketing and HighLevel for your CRM, campaigns, SMS and Email, then you know how much work it can be to bring the two together.

If you don’t want to mess with complicated API calls, JSON field mapping (WTF is JSON?) and weird HighLevel field IDs (which field is oQ90D0nJ2mFZfVZunu8U again?!), then you’re stuck using expensive 3rd party systems like Zapier to synch ManyChat leads into your HighLevel accounts.

Finally, there’s an answer. If you can point, click, copy, and paste, then GHL Connect is what you’re looking for.

GHL Connect is the flexible, powerful ManyChat app that can move your leads from ManyChat into HighLevel and  handles all the integration between the two. You set up the actions, GHL Connect does all the heavy lifting, and you do what you’re good at – lead generation!

See How GHL Connect Simplifies Your Workflow

GHL Connect

How does GHL Connect integrate ManyChat into HighLevel?

Add, Update, Lookup & Delete Users

From ManyChat’s Messenger, Instagram & WhatsApp channels, you can push contacts directly to HighLevel with tags and custom field values.

Tags & Custom Fields

Without Zapz or hand coding API calls, you’ll be able to add tags to contacts and custom fields by simply filling out easy Flowbuilder Actions

Pipelines & Opportunities

Easily create and update opportunities from ManyChat to HighLevel, and track redemptions from bot to HighLevel for easy ROI tracking.

Answers to Your Questions

What is a ManyChat App?

ManyChat Apps are like Shopify Apps or WordPress plugins. They’re 3rd party apps that can be installed in your bot, and once installed, provide powerful, simple to use actions in the ManyChat FlowBuilder.

What Does GHL Connect Do?

Simply put, GHL Connect adds actions in your FlowBuilder that make it easy to add ManyChat users to HighLevel as leads, update them with custom fields, add them to GHL campaigns, add/remove tags, and move leads around in your GHL pipelines – all without any need to code!

Are There Any Limits On The App?

No. Once you’ve installed GHL Connect and purchased your license key, you’ll be able to send unlimited contacts from ManyChat to HighLevel.

What Data Do You Collect?

We respect you and your clients’ privacy. GHL Connect only keeps track of your GHL Connect license key and GHL API Key to enforce licensing. We don’t monitor, collect or store any other data.

Does GHL Work With My Existing Flows?

You bet! GHL Connect will work with existing bot flows or existing templates. Just add your GHL Connect action where you want to add, update contacts or opportunities, and you’re good to go!

Does GHL Work With More Than Messenger?

Absolutely! ManyChat also has SMS, Email, Instagram and WhatsApp channels. GHL Connect works in your FlowBuilder, so if you’re using those channels for your campaigns, then you can push those leads into HghLevel!