Licensing & Support (Checkout)

Refund Policy
All GHL Connect licenses come with a 7 day, no questions money back guarantee. If at any time during the first 7 days of your purchase you want to cancel your subscription, we’ll give you a full refund.

Please note – if you do cancel, this will cancel the subscription for any keys you purchased. So if you buy a 5 seat license and cancel, all 5 keys will be deactivated.

Monthly Membership
GHL Connect is a monthly subscription service that helps ManyChat integrate with HighLevel on a one license key per bot per location basis. If you need to change a license key, please contact support.

GHL Connect licenses can be purchased one by one or in bulk, but are tied to the order and subscription you purchase. If you cancel a subscription, please know that all license keys in that subscription will be disabled at the end of that subscription.

GHL Connect and all related assets are the sole intellectual property of Patrick Friedl (Braintrust Interactive) and are subject to copyright in part or in whole.

As a licensee, you are free to use these assets in your business or include them with services you may provide for clients.

You may not, however, give away, sell, market as your own, or include any of these assets in any courseware, training, products, or lead magnets.

By installing and/or utilizing any of these assets, you hereby agree to the aforementioned licensing terms.

Getting Support
GHL Connect and supporting assets like templates are offered as-is and work as designed when installed and configured properly.

If you don’t follow the extensive instructions, or make changes to the flows that result in the template not performing as expected, we will not offer any support.

Support can be found by contacting us at info @ or in the Facebook Group.